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Discover Parkway Autonomous

safe, reliable, clean energy, commercial self-driving experience


Transportation Benefiting Communities


Improve the density of transportation network


Reduce carbon footprint


Activate local economy


Serve new areas thanks to a new economic model


Improve transportation network performance


Enhance passengers’ experience


Public Transportation that meets your rider’s ever evolving demands

Parkway Autonomous end-to-end solution is changing public transportation. With our turnkey system - integrating smart infrastructure, fleet management & service, communications, power optimization, and passenger interfaces – you can integrate and expand new transit options.

Key Mobility Innovation Areas

Cloud-based Open Standard mobility IT for mass transit
Smart lighting for Smart Cities
Peer to peer ranging: pedestrian, bicycles, scooters
e2e with 10cm accuracy
UWB/MicroPNT infrastructure

The route to the destination is changing

Benefiting more than just your public transportation
  • Social and Economic Equity – meeting the needs of each neighborhood, economic group, and stakeholder by providing transit access to existing, and underserved areas.

  • Inclusion of Communities – a truly connected and integrated social ecosystem; connecting residents to key centers throughout the city/municipality.

  • Accessibility – system meets the diverse needs of riders with scheduled and on-demand options, and ADA standards to reach waiting passengers.

  • Measurable Transportation Outcomes - Parkway Autonomous platform system unique vehicle technology, infrastructure design, power optimization, and maintenance schedule deliver net efficiencies.

  • Scalable – the system’s modular design and technology can easily reach various locations without major infrastructure changes – increasing the footprint with lower capital investments than rail or highway.


Parkway Autonomous connects your community with Equitable, Affordable, Sustainable, and Efficient transportation.


10 Easy Steps to Establish your AV Public Transit Solution

  • City/Center Objectives Detailed

  • Assessment of Transportation Network and Routes

  • Transportation Demand Plan of expected locations and routes

  • Site Assessment identifying requirements for efficient operations

  • Define Transportation Demand Plan Strategies

  • Signage, Traffic Control Devices, and Pavement Marking Plan

  • Communications Requirements & Plan

  • Vehicle Selection & Development/ Programming

  • Implementation Plan

  • Testing & Delivery

Shift to autonomous vehicle to reduce operating costs, add transportation options including wheelchair accessible options and fast response deliveries and any emergency.

  • ​Enhanced accessibility for all

  • Local economic activation after pandemic

  • Positive balance of AV and EV buses

  • Improved security and emergency response

  • Carbon dioxide reduction

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