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Driving Solutions for Transportation

Parkways Autonomous System provides one of the first fully integrated end-to-end transportation solutions. The System unifies patented technology in autonomous driving, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications, smart infrastructure, battery charging and power optimization, electric fleet management, and passenger interfaces.

Smart Vehicle Technology

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Parkway is the only automated vehicle company that can truly meet the operational needs of the public-transportation market with the CAVway™ family of high-speed, rightsized, 24/7 operational transit vehicles.

The CAVway Platform

“The System” centers on the CAVway™ platform

The combination of patented technologies enables the CAVway™ vehicles to effectively and safely transport passengers regardless of the type of road or right-of-way. 

The CAVway
™ integrates environmentally friendly rapid electric vehicle charging and ultrawideband (“UWB”) micro positioning and WiFi communications. These patented technologies allow for efficiencies in operations, maintenance, and communication. More importantly, these technologies make the CAVway™ safer than other autonomous technology in the marketplace today.

Our electric CAVs are an alternative to Automated People Movers (“APM”) and other mobility solutions such as light and heavy rail, buses, and mid-sized vans.

CAVway Vehicle

Capable of operating absent driver input (SAE J3016 Level 5) and capable of receiving driver input from both onboard and remote locations.
• Low Floor Boarding
• Electric Vehicle
• Bi-directional
• 4-wheel steering
• Proprietary Ultracapacitor/ Lithium-Ion Battery Suite
• 24/7 Operation with Modular inductive charging
• ADA Ramps & tie-downs
High Speed 7m Shuttle
• 16 and 30 passengers
• 68 mph max speed
• 24/7 Operation w/field charging - 220 mile battery range

UWB Ultrawide Band Communications

Advantages of UWB in Autonomous Vehicles
High transmission speed
Guaranteed Reliability
Parallel operation with other technologies
Large bandwidth
Low power consumption
High Accuracy
Secure against interference and interception
Parkway proprietary & patented UWB
  • Improved reaction times in unexpected situations

  • Detection in buildings, humans and/or animals

  • Vehicle Spacing maximized for safety during different traffic conditions

  • Creating a control plan handling the traffic and pedestrian in order to implement best practices

  • Traffic control plans including traffic control devices, signing, and markings to be used in conjunction with the pedestrians needs.

  • Lateral and longitudinal behavior is coupled

High Speed Bidirectional Vehicle

The ease of maneuverability allows for different operational design domains (“ODD”) that best suits hyperlocal needs of various areas of the city and region.
Energize local economic activity without regard to road design and adhering to variations in right-of-ways regulations.
The CAVWay can travel on public roads and mixed traffic conditions, as well as take advantage of protected exclusive lanes.
The System combines technology inside CAVWays with scalable deployment of technology (sensors, beacons, barriers, gates) into infrastructure along desired routes.

Transportation Right-Sized for your market and right sized for your budget

Vehicles need to be right sized for operational scenario (Driver costs of 50-70% of operating costs push towards larger vehicles).

The CAVway provides greater flexibility in extending existing routes, creating new routes, integrating existing systems, all of which work for facilitating increased market coverage.

Parkway’s modular designed to fit your specific market transportation demands and roadways.
Vehicle designs distribute control to four independent wheels, which moves traditional electric vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into the wheel arch.

Innovative approaches for battery to powertrain interaction that increase battery life by 100,000%.
Fully charge ultracapacitors in 30 seconds at bus stops…

The independent wheel electronic controls integrate a
proprietary modular rapid charging system.

The charging system in each wheel receive power from inductive chargers and recapture braking energy from electric motors, meaning the vehicle rapidly “sips” energy during short stops and shares it with the main battery while driving.

Eliminates the need to go to the depot for charging.
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Safe fast deployments at bus stops in the field for 24/7 continuous operation
The CAVway system batteries dramatically reduce cost of production and operations (by 70% for transit applications and by 43% for freight) relative to human-operated internal combustion vehicles that meet the same standards.

This mechanism preserves vehicle batteries, letting them last literally thousands as times as long as traditional EV batteries, dramatically reducing cost.
Parkway is the only automated vehicle company that can truly meet the operational needs of the public-transportation market with the CAVway™ family of high-speed, right-sized, 24/7 operational transit vehicles.
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