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Parkway Autonomous

Parkway brings together patented technologies to create a vehicle system that revolutionizes public transportation. 
Parkways Autonomous provides one of the first fully integrated end-to-end solutions delivering the future of transportation for public-transit agencies.  The System unifies patented technologies to address safety, sustainability, efficiency requirements in an affordable suite of products and services.  Moreover, the vehicle is custom designed for 24/7 operation in the operational design domain in which it is to be deployed.

Reason To Work With Us

No other company is focused on bringing advanced automated, all-electric vehicles to the public-transit market.  Parkway is the only automated vehicle company that has built designing one of the first fully integrated systems to deliver the future of transportation for public-transit agencies today.

infrastructure > depot > fleet > vehicle > operations > software > kiosk/ app

The mobility ecosystem we hope to deliver centers on a dynamic Connected Automated Vehicle driving platform called a CAVway™.  This fully integrated vehicle-infrastructure platform combines patented technology for environmentally friendly rapid electric vehicle charging with ultrawideband micro positioning that is safer than other autonomous technology, integrates operations and maintenance, and software for operations management and passenger communication.  Parkway's electric CAVs are an alternative to Automated People Movers and other mobility solutions such as light and heavy rail, buses, and mid-sized vans. 

The CAVway™ System technologies uniquely position Parkway in terms of safety, scalability, and sustainability :​​


  •  SafeGap ensures we are the safest autonomous technology in the marketplace today

  • Our vehicles can travel on public roads, mixed traffic conditions, and protected exclusive lanes making it easy expand our transit footprint.  In addition, saving transportation agencies billions of dollars for each project with lightweight modular infrastructure not possible with rail deployments

  • Our rapid charging technology increases increase battery life by 100,000% reducing waste


Parkway Autonomous Solutions

Parkway Autonomous integrates technologies instrumental for the entire transit systems in the US.  Our end-to-end solutions are at the center of multibillion-dollar industries – all about to grow exponentially with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal approved to provide $89.9 billion in guaranteed funding for public transit over the next five years — the largest Federal investment in public transit in history.

Parkway is positioned to benefit directly from the spending provisions such as $110 billion on roads and bridges, $66 billion on passenger and freight, $11 billion on transportation safety, $15 billion on electrical vehicles, $39 billion for public transit, and $42 billion for airports and ports. 


In addition to the opportunities presented by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, the public transportation industry market is already investing heavily in updating its infrastructure to accommodate changing market requirements.

Executive Leadership Team

Parkway Autonomous is led by Alexander Stefman CEO who has 30+ years of experience in transportation services.  His and his team's expertise has established a number of long-term relationships with major U.S. and European corporations and various Federal agencies and large metropolitan transportation systems to solve major transportation challenges. 


In addition, their patents in connected automated vehicles and continuous innovations will ensure the firm is on the cutting edge of the technologies for this rapid evolving industry with subject matter expertise in MaaS, Multi-Mode Trip Planning and Payment Systems, Automated Vehicle Design and Production, Innovation as a Service, Operations, Management and Deployments of EV/AV Fleets, Microvacation Systems and Services, Charging Systems that supports the 30 second Inductive Charging Infrastructure and Smart City Multi-orchestrated Platform.


The Patented Technology

  • Parkway is an automotive technology company that unifies patented technology in autonomous driving, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications, smart infrastructure, battery charging and power optimization, electric fleet management, and passenger interfaces.  Parkway is responsible for designing one of the first fully integrated systems to deliver the future of transportation for public-transit agencies today. 

  • The mobility platform is centered on a dynamic Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) driving platform called a CAVway™ capable of operating absent driver input (SAE J3016 Level 5) and capable of receiving driver input from both onboard and remote locations.  This platform integrates V2V and V2I infrastructure, a smart depot and command center, fleet management, vehicle operation, internal software, and smart city multi-orchestrated platform services. 


  • This vehicle-infrastructure platform sets new standards for nearly every component of both the vehicle and in-road technology. The platform combines patented rapid charging systems technology for environmentally friendly vehicle charging ultrawideband (“UWB”) micro positioning that is safer than other sensor only autonomous technology, innovative approaches for battery to powertrain interaction that increase battery life by 100,000%, and an independent-function wheel design that reduces occurrence and scope of maintenance, as well as both API based and app-based software for operations management and passenger communication.

  • Vehicle designs distribute control to four independent wheels, which moves traditional electric vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into the wheel arch.  The independent wheel design provides improved maneuverability, room for batteries and passengers, maximum operational uptime due to powertrain repairs being local to each wheel, global safety standards compliance, and lower total cost of ownership.  The independent wheel electronic controls integrate a proprietary modular rapid charging system that eliminates the need to go to the depot for charging.  The charging system in each wheel receive power from inductive chargers and recapture braking energy from electric motors, meaning the vehicle rapidly “sips” energy during short stops and shares it with the main battery while driving, which also maximizes the life of the electrical system.  This makes for a system that reduces money and time costs for production and operation (by 70% for transit applications and by 43% for freight) relative to human-operated internal combustion vehicles that meet the same standards.

  • This flexibility in the vehicle portfolio matches the flexibility in the self-maturing rights-of-way system to deliver the most appropriate vehicle type and right-of-way integration, which can change with system maturity.  This means as the System responds to transportation data and additional local partners are added to the network, the right vehicles will deliver on residents’ and stakeholders’ unique “place and time” needs, including accessibility, child safety, population density, trip length, or destination type.  Easily integratable rights-of-way and diverse vehicle types also provide the capability to run freight or drayage traffic in addition to transit.  Regardless of route configuration, vehicle, partner, or trip type, the CAVway™ platform provides a uniform integration of the components into one system for safe and effective transport that is continually optimized.  


  •  Parkway's electric CAVs are an alternative to Automated People Movers (“APM”) and other mobility solutions such as light and heavy rail, buses, and mid-sized vans.

  • The System combines technology inside CAVs with scalable deployment of technology (sensors, beacons, barriers, gates) into infrastructure along desired routes.  This allows to set different operational design domains (“ODD”) for different sections of the network to best suit hyperlocal needs of various areas of the city and region, and to respond to variations in regulation between the different stakeholders that manage the region’s rights-of-way.  The flexible, modular approach also lets partners change operational design domains for individual system parts as new data is gathered about how the System is meeting its goals and how specific community goals can be improved.    


  • The mobility ecosystem delivers (“System”) centers on the integration of autonomous driving technology in vehicles with smart infrastructure technology that will be built into existing infrastructure. These dynamic technologies are each implementable with different levels of maturity and investment for different sections of the proposed network. By providing projects with flexible options for each section of the network and supporting the “step-up” capabilities for each section as well, the System delivers on project goals by evolving throughout its use in the contexts of community use, equity, cost, safety, and sustainability.

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