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Discover the safest self-driving experience with

Parkway Autonomous

One Stop Changes Public Transportation


We're Changing Public Transportation To Meet Today's Riders' Ever-Evolving Demands

Parkway Autonomous provides an end-to-end solution - integrating smart infrastructure, fleet management & service, communications, power optimization, and passenger interfaces

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Parkway Autonomous

the route to the destination is changing

benefiting more than just your public transportation

  • Social and Economic Equity – the first step to any design is a multi-dimensional transit study of demands – existing, underserved, and deserted areas, environmental impact and energy use, economic impact to the demographic groups, and needs of transportation stakeholders. 

    Parkway Autonomous centers its designs Equitability, Affordability, Sustainability, and Efficiency – meeting the needs of each neighborhood, economic group, and stakeholder.


  • Inclusion of Community Assets and Communities – we strive to design plan that connects key centers throughout the city/municipality - education, health care, employment, recreation, housing, government resources, parks, and connections to existing transit modes.

    Our vision delivers a truly connected and integrated social ecosystem.


  • Accessibility – The CavWay system is designed to meet the changing needs of all transit users – from on-demand options within reach, ease of maneuverability reaching waiting passengers, to ADA access and security meeting FDA standards. 

    Our platform and systems enhancing accessibility for all


  • Efficiency is central to the competitiveness of Parkway Autonomous CavWay platform system (link to tech section).  Unique approach to vehicle technology, right-of-way infrastructure design, power use optimization, and maintenance schedule deliver net efficiencies in safety, financial cost, and time use for measurable transportation outcomes.


  • Scalable – the system is inherently and explicitly designed to scale.  The System’s modular design helps make integration of expanded areas a matter of stakeholder (State, County, Municipal) coordination, not a question of technical compatibility or implementation. 

    Our technology (link to tech section) can reach various locations without major infrastructure changes – increasing the footprint with lower capital investments than rail or highway.

10 Easy Steps to an AV Transportation Solution

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1.City/Center Objectives

2.Current Transportation Network and Routes Assessment

3.Transportation Demand Plan of expected locations and routes

4.Site Assessment identifying infrastructure modifications
or upgrades required for operations and considerations relevant to the site.

5.Identify a comprehensive set of Transportation Demand Plan strategies appropriate for expected locations  and routes.

6.Signage, Traffic Control Devices, and Pavement Marking Plan

7.Communications Requirements & Plan

8.Vehicle Selection & Development/ Programming

9.Implementation Plan

10.Testing & Delivery


Shift to autonomous vehicle to reduce operating costs, add transportation options including wheelchair accessible and fast response deliveries and any emergency



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